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From: "MARYAM ABACHA" <maryamabacha205@teenmail.co.za>
Date: November 30, 2004 5:02:06 PM EST


Dear Friend,

I am delighted to write this letter to you hoping that you
will understand my predicament and answer back without

I am Dr Maryam Abacha the wife of the late Nigerian head of
State General Sani Abacha. I got your contact on the
internet as I was making contact for a honest foreigner who
will help save my life and my children, hence our country
has been frustrating us since the death of my husband.

I am in possession of $25 000.000 (TWENTY FIVE MILLION U.S
DOLLARS ONLY) which I want to invest in your country. For
your clarification with understanding,this money in a box
which my husband deposited in the finance and security
company dis-guise as a family treasure since 11th of
febuary 1998, is not an ill gotten wealth rather, it was
generated from my organisation FAMILY SUPPORT PROGRAM
(F.S.P). I will enlighten you more of this organisation if
you indicate a helping interest to secure this money on my

On your acceptance to render this assistance to me,I will
instruct the finance company to effect a change of
ownership of this fund in your name as the bona-fide owner
to enable you claim the fund from the security and finance
company,also I will disclose to you the country and the
name of the finance and security company where this money
is being deposited.

What I demand from you now is to arrange for a visit to the
finance company where this money is being deposited and
claim it as the bona-fide owner.It is very ideal you
forward to me your private telephone and fax numbers to
enable me send all relevant documents pertaining the
of this fund for your clarification and more understanding.

Bear in mind that this transaction demands absolute
confidentiality because properties and bank accounts both
local and international bearing the Abacha's family name,
are being ordered to be confiscated by the newly elected
civilian President of Nigeria (President Olusegun
Obasanjo)hence I will not want to be exposed.

Let me refer you to the front page of This Day Newspapers
of 10th March 2001. You can check it through their
website:www.thisdayonline.com ,click on
archives,8th.june,2001) The present government in Nigeria
had frozen and seized all my bank accounts both here in
Nigeria and abroad.

Thus l shall expect you to contact me urgently to enable us
discuss in detail aboutthis transaction For your knowledge,
25% of this fund $25 000.000 (TWENTY FIVE MILLION U.S
DOLLARS) will be given to you if you assist me to secure
this fund and another 5% has been set aside for all the
expenses you might incur during the process of securing
other mislenous expenses.

When you must have taken the agreed percentage, you will
use part of the balance to buy a living house for my family
there in your country, where we shall live in the future
and the remaining part will be kept for investment package
also in your country which will be under your supervision.

Contact me through my son (OMAR ABACHA) who recently
escaped from Nigeria to Johannesboug South Africa where he
is now staying as a refuge on his email address
m_abachaandfamily@yahoo.com to avoid us losing this
money, since it is the only remaining fund for the survival
of my family.

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.
Yours sincerely,

Please for security reasons reply to my alternative email

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