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From: ptberger@mail2world.com
Subject: Business Proposal.
Date: April 18, 2005 7:25:57 PM EDT
To: ptberger@mail2world.com

Dear Friend,
I sincerely wish to thank you for your response on behalf of Mikhail Khodorvosky. First of all I will honestly want to know if you are married with children? Have you handled huge transactions of high magnitude before? Can we really entrust huge sums in your care without any fear or betrayal and other like vices? Will you deal with us with conscience and NOT wickedness? and finally what are your viable investment options? Your honest answers to the above questions will serve as a criteria for your analysis as a partner in this venture.
Our inadequacies at the moment is lack of freedom for my boss freezing of various his local bank accounts and assets by the government of russia. I will also suggest you visit these sites to be better informed about this project.
http://www.forbes.com/finance/lists/75/2004/LIR.jhtml ?
Due to the very sensitive nature of this pending transaction, please bear with me if I am being a little vague at this early stage as I am as skeptical as you are with communicating with a total stranger, but please be rest assured that the funds in question is backed up with documents in my possession stating the origin of the funds from a completed contract in russia by an expatriate firm, deposit certificate of the funds so you do not have anything to worry about. It is a given thing that trusts is earned, it is not given out lightly, however, because of my dire need for a foreign partner in this transaction, I request your assistance to stand as the subcontractor who is the beneficiary of the funds. We are working in great confidentiality and secret to ensure that all funds abroad are secured and invested, the funds to be retrieved are presently in Europe, I will immediately advise you further as regards the amount, place of deposit of the funds, as soon as you provide m!
e with your direct telephone numbers and full name/company name and address. A form of identification will also serve as a plus, A great deal of success shall be acheived if we can work together in true spirit of purpose and honesty as this project is well over board. The funds can be moved gradually in order not to call for attention, all legal documents will be presented alongside the funds. Your remuneration will amount to US$9Million, this represents 20% of the total funds to be retrieved in europe, a joint investment sharing ratio shall also be worked out as soon as the funds is secured by you.
I want to discuss with you via telephone and once I clarify your willingness and ability to proceed with this transaction, I shall immediately give more insight as to what is expected of you for this transaction to come true, find out further information about yourself and I provide you with the rest details for us to proceed further. Should you decide not to work with me, it will be taken in good faith as this will enable me source for another person in the event of non-interest on your part. I will let you have my number after your response with yours.
I await your urgent response.
Patrick Berger.
Pls all further corresspondece must be through this email box.


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