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From: "Ken Obasi" <k_obasi@tiscali.co.uk>
Date: December 16, 2004 12:07:20 PM EST
Subject: Dear Sir,
Reply-To: knobasi@yahoo.com

Dear Sir,

This is an offer, it based on how you may see it or feel about it.It?s my
position in the Central Bank made me to had an encounter with this man called
Mr. Ruben Sanchez from Argentina that came with false documents to make
some claims of fund worth of $40.8m,but through my official implementation
in the file find out that it was false done and copied to this man that
submitted to the ministry of finance during the last military government
before coming to the above bank for payments on our own present democratic
Government .

As a result of that, I have to stop the payment and report to the office
of the presidency in Abuja which came to the notice of Mr. president,and
he pass
instruction through the minister of finance to my office to stop the payment
with immediate effect, and investigate the matter.

From all the fine findings l then discovered that it happened to be a company
that Executed a contract in the year 1996 before this our present government
and was paid their contract sum, but this very amount of money came out
as an over headed invoice amount. When I find out these, I have to repot
back to Mr. president and he told me not to pay it again since they are
no more in power.

It was when we came into conclusion that during my annual leave will move
the money with the interest of Mr. president through my foreign contact.
Now l am about taking my leave by the first month of next year 2005, which
Mr. president has already approved that once I get in-contact with foreign
partner he will sign up a letter for immediate release of the money and
the foreigner will then complete it by follow it up in our central bank
of Nigeria and equally meet up their obligations.

lf you want to find out, what l am telling you. You can indirectly call
the man Sanchez or his secretary in new York by name Ms Anna 212 213 36066,and
ask her for you to know if what I told you is truth or not then you call
me through my number 234 80 38183908.for further action of the business.

This is the full detail of the man called Mr. Sanchez. His company name:
Popular sa Address: San Martin # 620 (2700 )Provence of Buenos Aires City
Pergamino Argentina, tele, 54
2477435434,fax54 24 77423343 He also operates an account in New York in
Chase Manhattan bank.
ACCOUNT NUMBER: # 0130.768422-65 //
ROUTING :# 021.000021

Once you ready to conclude the deal with me, you send me your bank
account information?s and your phone numbers. already there's an agreement
to offer you 15% from the total sum for your good dealings with us.

This is a deal of seven working days before I take my leave and meet with
you in your country.

Have a nice day,
Mr. Ken Obasi.
Director on Foreign payment.


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