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Linda Agom
<lin_kou@jumpy.it> to me

Dear Partner,
I am writting this letter out of a genuine desperation
to find a reliable partner in an unfolding transaction.
I have been unjustly treated by my partner in an
earlier transaction, so I seek your help, attention and
genuine co-operation to our mutual benefit and I
believe that you will not let down the trust and
confidence I am about to repose on you.
For the past ten years, I have been working for a public
relations firm that pays me about two hundred dollars
each month, plus little bonus based on my work input.
On the 30th of June last year, our company made a
very big financial breakthrough when we made contact
with Alhaji Mabolo Dongo and began to supply him
his cow medicines.

Alhaji Mabolo Dongo is the president of
MABOLO DONGO FARMS, and is a millionaire
farmer with animal farms at Chad, Burkina Faso, Senegal,
Ghana, Benin and Togo; with main offices in Cote d'Ivoire,
and a new one located at Zimbabwe. Moreover, he is the
greatest supplier of cattle beef and other dairy products
to the whole of West Africa.
He had informed us about the huge amount of money he
spends on the purchase of a particular but very
important cattle medicine. Precisely, he buys US$5,000
per carton. He asked if our organisation can source for
a cheaper supplier.
We did market research and discovered that we can buy
these medicine in Europe for US$2,000 per carton. We
moved a proposal to Alhaji Dongo, to supply him at US$4,800
per carton which they accepted.
As these supplies progressed and our company was doing
fine, I requested my boss to increase my salary. He was
so upset that he sacked me without benefits after ten years
of dedicated service. Though I was later called back when
another kind-hearted senior staff protested against his action.
During my moments of being sacked, which lasted for
close to two months, I was so desperate
that I went to the Dongo Farms and infomed Alhaji Mabolo
Dongo that I have a foriegn contact that will be willing to supply him
this same products at US$4,000 per carton. He was very
happy with this news, and in turn confided to me that he was about
to place order for one thousand cartons following a
suspected outbreak of disease in his farms. I assured
him that my foriegn contact will be in the position to
manufacture and supply to him; infact I convinced him that
my former boss usually buys from my foriegn contact and
that is why he sales to him at a higher price.


For the moment he has stopped all contact with my boss.
Please consider on how to handle this profitable
project and kindly contact me immediately for details and
negotiations as regards my commission. However,
I will insist that my commission will be 20% of the total profit.
You can use this email address: linda_agom@yahoo.co.uk
Note: We will buy one thousand carton at
US$2,000,000. We sell to them at US$4,000,000.
Our client pays cash before lifting of the goods.
They must not know our purchase point in Europe.
Thanks and God bless you.

Linda Agom

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