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From: dm@army.com
Date: May 2, 2005 10:00:21 PM EDT
Reply-To: dm350@350.com
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My Good friend,

Based on the reputation, which your company and yourself commend, I hereby solicit your assistance to receive the approved contract sum of USD121, 070,000 (One Hundred and twenty one million, seventy thousand united states dollars only) for our mutual benefits. You are required to re-confirm your contact address, phone and fax numbers, and how you want the fund transferred in your favor. I want to invest part of my share into real estate and properties as you may advice

My name is Gen. Mark (Rtd), a senator and chairman of the Contract Verification, Review and Approval in the National Assembly Complex, Abuja. I have just discovered unclaimed contract payment during ?2005 First Quarter Payment Verification Excise? in favor of a Ghost foreign Contractor for the turn-around maintenances of our three major refineries.

We civil servants here are not allowed to own or operate foreign account hence a trustworthy foreigner like you is needed to stand as the beneficiary. I will present to you all relevant document/ approvals to transfer to you as a sub-contractor and the funds will be released to you via our offshore account. This transaction is legal and risk free. Please feel free to ask for detail. I have all proofs, information and in full control of the payment.

Hence, our leaders discover this fund; they will use it for their selfish political interest and killing of one another. I hereby wish to negotiate the sharing of the fund with you. Kindly reply immediately to address below as this transfer needs utmost confidentiality and urgency.

Yours faithfully,

Gen. David Mark. Rtd (Chairman)
Debts Management Services.
Tel/ fax: 234-9-272 2588 OR 234-1-7743571.
Reply to Email: dm350@350.com

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