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Dear Friend,

I was given your contact address by a friend of mine that works with the
chamber of commerce and industry here in Burkina Faso and he assured me
of your credibily and that you may be in good position to assist me in this

I know you will be surprise to read from me, but please consider this letter
as a request from a family in dare need of assistance. I am Dr Halloma E.
Musa, the only SON of late IBRAHIM MUSA of Zimbabwe, presently residing
in Burkina

On behalf of my widowed mother Mrs.Blessing Musa, I decided to solicit for
your assistance to move the sum of US$20.million Dollars) inherited from
my late father to your country for an onward investment under your kind

My father was killed during the current war against farmers in Zimbabwe
from the support of our present HEAD OF STATES President ROBERT MUGABE to
claim all the white owned farms to his NPF PARTY MEMBERS. He ordered all
thea to surrender all their farms to his party members and followers.

My father was one of the best farmers in our country and because he did
not support Mugabes ideas, Mugabes supporters invaded my fathers farms and
burnt down every thing in the farm, killed my father and made away with
a lot of items in my fathers farm. Before my fathers death, he had deposited
with one of the security and finance companies in Burkina Faso, Africa the
sum of US$20 Dollars. After the death of my father, we decided to move to
the Burkina Faso where he had deposited the money with Security Company
as valuables.

We decided to contact an oversea firms and companies that can assist usto
move this money out of Burkina Faso, because as asylum seekers we are not
allowed to operate any bank account within Burkina Faso.

We have agreed to offer you 40% of total sum for your assistance, 10% has
been mapped out for any expenses that may be incurred in the course of this
transaction and 50%will be for me and my family to invest in your country.

From the above you will understand that the lives and future of my family
depends on this money.as such I will be very happy if you can assist us,
now all I want from you is to furnish me with your personal telephone and
fax numbers for easy communication. Note that this transaction is 100% risk
free and absolutely confidential.

I will be Waiting for your kind and urgent responds.

Thanks and God bless.

Best regards,
Dr Halloma E. Musa
contact telephone +226 76 551 224.

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