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These SANS News Bites letters are provided by:

The SANS Weekly Security News Overview

Please feel free to share this with interested parties via email (not on bulletin boards). For a free subscription, (and for free posters) e-mail sans@sans.org with the subject: Subscribe NewsBites

To change your subscription, address, or other information, visit http://www.sans.org/sansurl and enter your SD number (from the headers.) You will receive your personal URL via email.

You may also email <sans@sans.org> with complete instructions and your SD number for subscribe, unsubscribe, change address, add other digests, or any other comments.

*** Attention *** - The below digests are emails that I have received from Sans News Digest. They have been edited to remove "MY" email header information, and SD number (seeing as it is NOT needed or relevant). However, I do recommend that if these emails interest you, you should sign up for SANS News Digests for yourself.

SANS Network Security Digest Archive - Feel free to check out SANS Network Security Digest Archive.

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