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The Black List SPAM Downloads

CERT Advisories

abuseEmail.pl - This perl script is used to help you find the original source for SPAM email.

BASH manual - It is what it says.

lionfind-0.1.tar - This script searchs your machine for all instances of the lion root kit, and informs you if you are infected.

Netsocket programming - Ever want to learn or brush up on your netsocket programming?

White Paper by Recourse Technologies - The Evolution of Deception Technologies as a Means for Network Defense. PDF format.

White Paper on SQLInjection Attack - How a Hacker Launches a SQL Injection Attack - Step-by-Step!

Symantecs Analysis of Mblaster worm in PDF format. Also this is an added powerpoint presentation I recieved from a close friend. Here is a partial Dasm file analysis from one of the security lists I am on. This is a further analysis from the same security list.

BTW, I do have backed up quite a few root kits & worms for the purpose of analysis. The list is below. These packages are not on this server. I would have to email them to you. If you email me from any web based email address asking for these packages, you will not get them.


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