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ROM Ripper - the ultimate tool for Dreamcast Ripping?

What is the ROM ripper?

It is a utility that will (supposedly) allow you to rip roms off your Dreamcast CD's.

Now I'm not sure if purchasing or even making this software is illegal, and after hearing rumors from other users on the net that had been ripped off, or they had been sent a virus instead, I decided to look into this myself. Now, I don't know why people wouldn't report this site(s) to the proper authorities. I am guessing it wasn't reported due to embarrassment on the purchasers part, and the fact that the software maybe deemed illegal. But I'm not entirely sure on this.

URLs associated with this website....
http://go.to.romripper/ ---> URL redirector
The below url's are FREE homepage sites...

Email addresses associated...
gre_maker@hotmail.com ---> Webmail
gre_maker@gmx.net ---> Webmail

On or around August 11th 2001 I sent in $15 cash to the corresponding PO Box suggested. Along with that my contact information and address to ship the software.

    PO Box 94
    CB8 OGN, England

On August 10th this email was received (below) after initially sending an email asking if the site was up and working... email came from gre_maker@gmx.net, the owner of the site.


Hello, Yes we are still selling the ROM Ripper and our website is up to date and accurate.

Thank you.


This email was sent September 12th by me to gre_maker@gmx.net...


I sent in $15 to purchase your DC ripping software, and I mailed it in after August 9th sometime, and I have heard nothing from the site owner(s), and I have not received the software. I was wondering if there was some reason for the huge delay? And when will I be receiving my software?



To this date I have received NO RESPONSE. So, I sent another email to make sure. On September 18th the 2nd email was sent.


I would like to know when I will be receiving my software that I purchased???



Still No response, and No product. So, I decided to do a little checking to see if I could get this guy to respond to me to prove that there is someone there NOT answering my initial letters. And to see if I could confirm this guy's ISP through email headers. He responded to my initial question about the software, but as soon as I questioned him on the legitimacy of his site, and asked him if it was true that he had been ripping people off. He NEVER answered back after this second email.

Within his email headers I found that his ISP (cable provider) is through NTL.com. Received line... from [] by hotmail.com (3.2) with ESMTP id MHotMailBD8AB37D00C14136E8093EFDA22FDEC20; Mon, 08 Oct 2001 01:49:02 -0700 Received: from hp ([]) by mta07-svc.ntlworld.com (InterMail vM. 201-229-121) with SMTP id <20011008084936.SPAW710.mta07-svc.ntlworld.com@hp>

Last Known IP:

nbtstat -A

    NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table

    Name Type Status
    HP <00> UNIQUE Registered
    GREGSLAN <00> GROUP Registered
    HP <20> UNIQUE Registered
    GREGSLAN <1E> GROUP Registered
    HP <03> UNIQUE Registered
    ADMINISTRATOR <03> UNIQUE Registered
    GREGSLAN <1D> UNIQUE Registered
    ..__MSBROWSE__.<01> GROUP Registered
    HP <6A> UNIQUE Registered
    HP <87> UNIQUE Registered

We know GREG is responsible. This is the guy that wrote the Nightmare emulator for Dreamcast. He use to have the URL http://come.to/gregsemulation that is now defunct. Now he has taken to ripping off people purchasing the Rom Ripper software to go with the emulator. The emulator is useless without the ripping software. What a nice big scam he's got going here.

As of October 8th 2001... I wrote to his ISP to see if they could get me some information on this guy in order to track him down. Seeing as he stole $15 (and probably MUCH more), and has not sent me my product, or returned my money. I have not received a response from his ISP as of this date. As soon as I do I will put it up.

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